Monday, 23 November 2015

Music Lessons 2016

Another year has passed by and so quickly.Students are busy with concerts and looking forward to end of year holidays.

Congratulations to all music students who have done so well in examinations, eistedfords and other performances during the year.

For those parents looking to start their children in Music Lessons in 2016 now is the time to make bookings.Lesson times are limited and available spaces fill quickly.

For students who are contemplating tutoring for the Aural and Musicianship components of VCE Music now is the time to arrange times.Please don't wait until the end of Term1 as the requirements can be challenging.

I am currently taking bookings for lesson times for 2016.Please note that available times are extremely limited.

Weekly lessons are being offered in the following:





*Personalized musical development program for 3 to 5 year olds

*Music lessons for children with Special Needs especially Autism Spectrum  disorder

*VCE  Tutoring for Aural and Musicianship components

*Theory and Musicianship all grades

*Music Craft

*Mentoring for AMEB Certificate Teacher of Music Australia

*Mentoring for AMEB Associate Teacher of Music Australia

I can be contacted on 0423837325

Sunday, 3 August 2014

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.”-Shinichi Suzuki, creator of the Suzuki method of music educator

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to Decide Which Musical Instrument to Play

One of the biggest obstacles that a budding musician,whether young or older,has to overcome is that of actually deciding which musical instrument to learn to play.

 Here are a few things to consider that will help you decide which musical instrument to play. 

1.Which instrument do you find yourself imagining playing? 

2.Which instrument do you like and enjoy the sound of?Why do you like that particular sound? 

3.Do you enjoy singing?Is that your instrument? 

4.Do you want to play an instrument that you can master to some extent quite easily,without spending hours and hours on practice? 

5.Are you prepared to spend money on a good quality instrument or are you limited in funds and need a less expensive option? 

6.Do you enjoy listening to or watching performances on the instrument you would like to play?

7.Do you have the patience and self-discipline needed to master certain skills,sometimes over a long period of time?Or do you get frustrated easily when things become difficult? 

 Considering the above questions can greatly assist you in knowing how to decide which musical instrument to play. 

Brenda Shaylor has begun taking new students for 2014
Contact Brenda on 0423837325